Our Home Programs are specially designed by a Team of Occupational Therapists at Building Blocks Therapy.
Our range of home based therapy programs include:

Fabulous Fine Motor Home Program

The program is designed to encourage children to engage in a range of activities that support the development of their fine motor skills.

Fine motor refers to the group of skills involved in the ability to manipulate smaller objects with the hands and fingers, for example, grasping, holding and pinching. These skills are necessary for many aspects of self-care but they are also critical for the development of emergent writing. 

Age Range: 3-7 years

Sensory Exploration Home Program

This program is designed to teach children and families about how senses can be stimulating and calming and can aid self-regulation.

In this program we will go through 6 different senses and engage in calming and stimulating experiences. Each child will create their own calming/stimulating/triggering cheat sheet by the end of the program.

Coming soon.

Home Program 3

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