Little Association Game


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Djeco’s Toddler games collection is specifically designed for children aged 2-5, they are affectionate, colourful and with lots of funny animals!
All games have very simple rules and game times adapted to their age.
Real moments for children and parents to communicate and bond!
This game is twist on the traditional lotto game.
The aim of ‘little association’ is to be the player holding the most cards.
The rabbit lives in the vegetable garden the cow in the meadow and the frog in the pond.
What universe does the carrot belong to?
To the vegetable garden!
Quick, the rabbit has to land on the ‘vegetable garden’ card…

Take it in turns to turn over the playing cards and the first person to match the playing card to the picture wins the card!
So if the first playing card is a carrot then the first person to grab the rabbit from his garden will win that card.
Ages: 3+
Players: 2 – 4

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