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An exciting , fast moving spelling game. The game consists of 17 word cards, which are put in a pile face down on the table, and 67 letter cards, also put face down in a separate pile. The first player turns over a word card, and then immediately turns over the sand timer.Then, as quickly as possible, they turn over the letter cards, one at a time, to try to spell out the word from their word card before the timer runs out. If they manage to do this, they keep their word, and try to complete another word with a new word card, in the same way, before the timer runs out. If they do not complete the word correctly, their unfinished word card and letters are passed to the next player, who resets the sand timer and proceeds as before.
The winner is the player who has managed to complete the most words when the pile is used up.

Aimed at 5 to 9 year-olds, children who are already reasonably confident at spelling will enjoy racing against the sand timer, while those who are a bit younger will soon gain more confidence.

New readers will find that the game helps with letter recognition, and may enjoy just picking a word card and finding the correct letters in their own time, without the sand timer and other players.

The box features an educational guide, showing how the game fits in with your child’s education. The game is suitable for 2 to 4 players, and is made of durable, recycled board.

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