WR Ultimate Click & Connect 16mm (24mm Dotted Thirds) Stencil Kit 1


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WR Ultimate Click & Connect 16mm (24mm Dotted Thirds) Ultimate Stencil Kit 1 – Victorian Modern Cursive

The ultimate 16mm (24mm dotted thirds) stencil kit!  This kit contains all you need, whether it’s lower case, upper case or the amazing maths kit. With 2 sets of numbers, and subitising you can form math problems, and once you’ve clicked them all together, you can write them.

These products have been developed after years of hearing teachers wishing for something to help educate children on the correct procedure of writing.  We have taken these problems and utilized our design skills to come up with a comprehensive range of letters and numbers, that show the true method for writing each letter or number, in the order it should be written, with a white dot showing exactly where each letter should start. To ensure correct positioning on 24mm dotted thirds, they also include a thick line, exactly where you should locate the stencil, to ensure correct positioning every time.

We have removed the confusing charts that children need to read, and instead have given them a physical tool to practise with, while also bringing positivity to the process by actually producing the finished letter written on the page.  This means the children are much more excited to learn how to write, and gain confidence due to the ease of which the letters assist learning.

In particular, the cursive letters have been set based on the Victorian Modern Cursive Font, so it complies with standard teaching principles and methodologies.  So it is great not only for early learning / kinder & primary school,  but also for those children who need that little extra assistance later on in school.   Let’s not forget how learning the correct font system early on will benefit each child as they progress.

Coupled with our patented “William Ready Click” design, that enables letters to be joined to make words, names, objects etc.  It’s more than just the typical abc’s, this gives the child the ability to write their name, their parents names, or even their dog!  The simple click together system helps children also build their fine motor skills, while developing their writing skills.

The kit comes conveniently packed into the one box, with bags separating Lowers, Uppers & Maths.

The possibilities are endless!

** WARNING ** : Product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

WR16mmKit01 Includes:

1 x Lower Case Victorian Modern Cursive Stencil Set (26pcs  a-z)

1 x Lower Case VMC Repeats (10pcs a,e,i,o,u,r,s,t,l,b)

1 x Upper Case Stencil Set (26pcs A-Z)

2 x Numbers Set (10pcs 0-9)

1 x Maths Characters (6pcs)

1 x Subitizing (10pcs 1-10)

TOTAL : 97 pcs

Dimensions: Box 8cmx8cmx8cm.  1 Box per kit.

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Skills used: Educational/learning, Fine motor precision, Letter formation, letter recognition, Number formation, number recognition, pencil grasp, school readiness,
Suitable for: ADHD, ASD, Developmental coordination disorder (DCD), global developmental delay,
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