The key values that we all share


How we do things around here, based on our values

B is for BELIEVE:

Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we

  1. believe that parents are absolutely doing their very best and we give them the extra support they sometimes need.
  2. believe that, with the right supportive team, children CAN achieve their full potential and families are able to face all obstacles with a strong, confident, positive I “CAN DO THIS” attitude.
  3. believe that therapists should be encouraged to develop their unique expertise, follow their dreams and thrive.


Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we

  • understand that, sometimes, bonding is the best therapy and that’s why we help parents connect with peers and share experiences.
  • understand that getting to know the family and the child’s unique needs is vital to making progress.
  • understand that it’s human to make mistakes. When we’re wrong, we admit, apologise and do our best to resolve the issue with integrity and love.

I is for INSPIRE:

Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we want to

  • inspire children and their parents to look on the bright side, despite the challenges that might stand in their way.
  • inspire families to learn from the obstacles they face, celebrate each small success and be an inspiration to others.
  • inspire therapists to be passionate about what they do, to give their best and to keep learning.

L is for LOVE:

Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we believe that

  • love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered and keeps no record of wrongs.
  • love is when support each other. We are always there when someone needs a hug, an encouraging word or a listening ear.
  • love comes without judgment. We believe that everyone deserves to feel accepted just the way they are.

D is for DEVELOP:

Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we help

  • Children develop their unique skills and abilities without pressure, in a fun, engaging and motivating environment. We organize activities with peers and family to make sure that all children are fully engaged in life.
  • Parents develop a better understanding of their child’s challenges and we equip them with the knowledge they need to support their child.
  • Therapists develop their professional skills by providing a training clinic where they are always supported and encouraged to thrive in their own passions and interests.

I is for IMPACT:

Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we strive to have the biggest positive

  • impact  on each child’s development. We believe that doing things with a purpose is what leads to great outcomes. That’s why we are intentional about the activities we choose for therapy, the group programs we run and the way in which we set up company policies and procedures.
  • impact on the family. We encourage families to spend quality time with their children because we believe this is what creates a safe and nurturing environment where kids can grow into confident adults.
  • impact on the community. We believe that we were placed in this community for a reason. We believe we are called to love unconditionally, give generously, have no judgement and support others fiercely, taking every opportunity to earn the trust of the families that so warmly welcome us into their lives. 

N is for NURTURE:

Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we want to

  • nurture hope. This is a place where people—both adults and children—feel supported, safe, encouraged, cared for and protected while they grow, learn and develop.
  • nurture individual strengths. We don’t just go into a school setting or family home and change everything they do! Instead, we work closely with families, teachers and health professionals to create an environment where the child can grow.
  • nurture dreams. Everyone has a dream—related to their personal growth, family, career, and we do as much as we possibly can to support staff, parents and children in reaching their dreams.

G is for GROW:

Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we

  • grow with love. This is a place where we hope all families and all therapists feel truly amazing and accepted just the way they are.
  • grow with integrity. What we say is what we do. We genuinely value our relationships and we genuinely care about the families we work with. We strive to be the same person privately, publicly and personally!
  • grow together. As the needs in our community change and our team grows, we need to ensure we keep learning and providing exceptional services.

B is for BRAVE:

Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we encourage

  • Children to be brave and take small steps to being healthier, more independent and more confident individuals.
  • Parents to be brave, believe in their ability to make the right decisions and show mental and moral strength when facing difficulties.
  • Therapists to be brave and use their knowledge and abilities as best as they can to support each family they work with.

L is for LAUGH:

Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we

  • laugh often because laughter is the best medicine. Our therapy sessions are structured in a way that encourages children and parents to have heaps of fun together. We want families to leave our doors feeling refreshed and upbeat.
  • laugh together. We encourage parents, children and therapists to laugh (and even be a little silly together).
  • laugh for courage. Although each one of us will continue to face challenges and hardships in life, we aim to equip, empower and encourage families to face these with laughter.

O is for OPEN MIND:

Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we keep an

  • open mind about differences. Every person has the right to believe in whatever they choose.
  • open mind about therapy. We listen to the desires of families, respect their views and opinions, and we work together to develop the most suitable therapy plan.
  • open mind about challenges. There are many ways to tackle a problem and we certainly don’t believe we are always right. Working together and being open-minded ensures that we truly can support families to the best of our abilities.

C is for CARE:

Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we

  • care for the families we work with. We believe that truly caring means taking the time to get to know each family and their personal needs.
  • care about long-term results. We don’t just work with families once a week/fortnight. We also help them implement suggestions and strategies into their day to day life.
  • care about the difference we make. Our goal is to work out how we can bring about positive change in the life of each child and family.

K is for KIND:

Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we believe that to be

  • kind is to do something without expecting anything in return.
  • kind to yourself is just as important as to be kind to others. Take good care of your body and your soul, so that you can take good care of the people around you.
  • kind is to keep your eyes open and use any and every opportunity to help others.

S is for SUPPORT:

Here at Building Blocks Therapy, we

  • support parents in raising children to be well-adjusted adults that will be able to make a powerful and positive impact in the world.
  • support families in finding a good Work-Life balance and surrounding themselves with people who truly have their best interest at heart.
  • support teachers on their journey to professional growth because we understand that they play a significant role in raising the next generation of kids to be confident, self-assertive, eager learners.