Northern Kid's Hub

The Northern Kids Hub is the collective Hub of services located at 27B, 797 Plenty Road, South Morang.

The three services operating from the Northern Kids Hub are Time to Shine Therapy (Psychology Services), Sound it Out Speech Pathology and Building Blocks Therapy (Occupational Therapy). These services have partnered up to provide families a multidisciplinary clinic to attend to receive the therapeutic services they require at the one location for their children.

The benefits of this approach beyond convenience is that (with permission from the family) therapists are able to collaborate between services of mutual clients so to provide a holistic approach to helping that child with their specific needs. It increases efficacy of communication, reduces “double up” intervention between services, and allows the therapist to train with their own discipline to remain in the know of the most evidence based practices. Therapists can also support one another through ongoing professional development and peer supervision both within their own discipline, and across disciplines to form opinions and guide their therapy based on a range of approaches and ideas.

If you have any questions relating to this approach, please feel free to ask us directly!


Time To Shine Therapy

Time to Shine Therapy is a professional psychology service aimed at assisting the health and well-being of children, adolescents and adults.

Our Psychologists use evidence based therapeutic approaches to promote change and develop important life skills in children and adolescents.

Our passion and aim is to provide assistance to children, adolescents and families in need of additional care, education and general well-being. We believe that the best way to assist children and adolescents is to also support their immediate networks (parents and siblings).

Through assessment, observation, intervention and strategy implementation, we hope to be able to build rapport, locate specific areas of need for change and provide some really positive outcomes for the children and families we see.



Sound it out

A Speech Pathologist is a university-trained health professional who works with anyone who has trouble communicating.

This could be trouble with speech, language (including reading and writing), fluency (for example, stuttering), voice.

Speech pathologists help people find the best way to communicate to meet their needs. This could include signs, symbols, gestures and other forms of assisted communication. They also help people who have trouble swallowing food and drink. They work in kindergartens and schools, hospitals, early intervention programs, community health centres, mental health services and private practice.

They will generally use qualitative and quantitative methods to obtain where a child’s deficits may be in speech and language and use this to guide their intervention. Speech Pathologists goals will change also as social demands and language expectations changes throughout a lifetime for children on the autism spectrum. Speech goals can be met quite quickly though depending on the application to what is specifically being targeted (E.g. letter sounds). Sound it Out Speech Pathology provide speech pathology services for children to assist children in the development of communication skills, stuttering, literacy and phonological awareness, social skills and associated language delays.

Sound it Out Speech Pathology sees children and adolescents aged 2-18.