Term 1, 2020 Group Programs

  • Linked In – (12+ year olds) Helping teens to build their empathy and perspective taking skills in order to build friendships and social connections.
  • Groovy Adventure GroupFun, Interactive, Sensory Play Group (Movers- see flyer for developmental stage description) In this group you will learn about your baby/toddler’s amazing sensory-motor development. You will go home with loads of activity ideas which are easy and affordable to replicate.
  • Brave Girls GroupA Girls Social Group For Early Primary Years (6-7 year olds)
    This group is great for making new friends, learning ways to problem solve, gain confidence and coping with conflicts.
  • Courageous Little LadiesA Girls Social Group For Middle Primary Years (8-9 year olds)
    Targeting the child’s emotional world of self monitoring & management while developing social skills & making new friends.
  • Fabulous FriendshipsA Girls Social Skills Group (9-11 year olds)
    Covering topics from the PEERS Program, girls in their late primary years are able to develop tangible social skills.
  • Fun with Friends – Developing Play Skills (3-4 year olds) This group will create opportunities for your child to learn how to play a range of games well with friends.
  • Little Super HeroesTeaching the Zones of Regulation (4-5 years old)
    Learning self regulation as well as recognising others emotions within a group setting through the use of a range of different strategies & different resources.
  • Private Ladies BusinessHelping Girls Becomes Successful Young Ladies (12+ year olds)
    A social skills group helping girls develop into successful young ladies through gaining confidence understanding behaviours, understanding their bodies and the many changes that occur.
  • Worry WoosDeveloping Emotional Skills (6-8 year olds)
    This group is based on the Worry Woos books & plush toys. It aims to help improve emotional intelligence & develop empathy as well as creating a positive emotional understanding.
  • Sensational SocialisersA Social Problem Solvers Group For School Aged Children (5-8 years old)
    This group covers the Five Social Thinking Concepts to help make better social decisions when in the midst of social play & interaction.