Term 2, 2021 Programs of Support

Please call or email the clinic to book your spot!

  • Brave Girls A Girls Social Group For Early Primary Years (6 – 7 year olds)
    This group is great for making new friends, learning ways to problem solve, gain confidence and coping with conflicts.
  • Courageous Little LadiesA Girls Social Group For Middle Primary Years (8 – 9 year olds)
    Targeting the child’s emotional world of self monitoring & management while developing social skills & making new friends.
  • Fabulous FriendshipsA Girls Social Skills Group (9 – 11 year olds)
    Covering topics from the PEERS Program, girls in their late primary years are able to develop tangible social skills.
  • Girl Squad A Girls Social Skills Group (10 – 12 year old)
    A social skills program to help teach your child how to interpret others’ perspectives and regulate their reactions. They will also work on negotiation, resolution & compromise skills.
  • Private Ladies BusinessHelping Girls Becomes Successful Young Ladies (10 – 15 year olds)
    A social skills group helping girls develop into successful young ladies through gaining confidence understanding behaviours, understanding their bodies and the many changes that occur.
  • Teen TitansA Boys Social Group For Upper Primary (Grade 4 – 6)
    Focusing on teaching boys about developing and maintaining friendships, good sportsmanship, handling/dealing with bullying and gossip as well as dealing with conflicts.
  • Lego LegendsA Fine Motor & Social Skills Group For Lego Lovers (8 – 10 year olds)
    This program incorporates a loved childhood activity into a program to aid children in development of social skills as well fine motor and grip strength!
  • Happy Hands & Fit FingersA Handwriting & Fine Motor Skill Program (5 – 8 year olds)
    This fun filled handwriting program will focus on building up a child’s grip strength and the fundamental skills required for handwriting.
  • On Point Handwriting Group – Level 1 –
  • Play Dates with Play Mates –
  • Fun with Friends
  • We Can Play
  • Tuning Into KidsParenting Program for Those With Kids Aged From Preschool To 12 Years
    This program will help you learn to be more aware of emotions, help your child name their emotions, use emotional coaching and share more emotional aspects of your life with your child!