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Building Blocks Therapy is a private Occupational Therapy practice based in the Northern Suburbs, Melbourne.

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At Building Blocks Therapy, we offer specialised groups called Programs of Support. These are therapy programs for children to learn and develop their everyday living skills and practice them in a supportive environment with same-aged peers.

The benefit of enrolling your child in our Program of Support is that the program is tailored to the needs of each individual child. It offers a structured, specialized approach that allows children an opportunity to receive a higher-level of support which they would be unable to receive from a mainstream program. This gives children an exceptional opportunity to be involved in a natural environment where their physical and mental well-being can be met.

We offer a range of programs for children to develop skills such as play, social skills, emotional regulation, and fine motor skills. All our programs provide parent education and coaching around developing skills at home and in the community.


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We would love to invite families to our Information session run by Lize Roos.

Our Featured Out of the Box Therapy

Out of the Box Therapy

The Building Blocks Therapy Team have developed home programs to ensure families are equipped to support their child’s development despite long Occupational Therapy waitlists.

Our passion is to provide innovative services that allow families to access therapy as easily as possible. These programs are not just resource boxes, they are outcome based therapy programs that parents/caregivers deliver in the comfort of their home. No training or experience is required, all you need is the Out of the Box Therapy Pack and a willing adult to support the child by watching online videos and engaging in fun activities. 

We know that families are busy and that often you don’t have a lot of time at home, so this program is designed in a way that enables you to spend as much or as little time as you can with your child. All you need to do is pause the video and return to it later. 

In your resource pack we have included a parent observation sheet. The purpose of this is to allow parent/caregivers to write down general observations, questions, challenges and even wins as they complete the different activities. This sheet can then be taken to your therapist (if you are working with someone) to further brainstorm how you can support your child at home. 

For families currently not seeing a Therapist, we can further support you by providing the option for you to add on an individual parent coaching session. These sessions help us customise the home program for your family to support your child in developing the skills they need to be thriving in their environment.

Parent Training and Education

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We would love to invite families to our Information session run by Lize Roos. Lize is an Occupational Therapist by background and the Director of our clinic and she loves meeting all the new families that are interested in joining the Building Blocks Therapy Family.  As a team we understand the frustrations that families have… Continue Reading»

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