Building Blocks Therapy empowers kids to reach their full potential!

Our range of services include:

After a referral has been made your child will be booked in for an initial consultation.


This may involve a range of standardized and non-standardised assessments, clinical observations or questionnaires.  This will be followed by a phone conversation, up to a week later, to discuss your child’s strengths, weakness and how occupational therapy can help your child. A comprehensive assessment report will be written. Your child can then be booked in for intervention sessions, if recommended by the therapist.


Therapy sessions are 45 minutes long. Depending on your child’s treatment plan the therapist will recommend either weekly or fortnightly sessions.  Goals are set in collaboration with the therapist and family.  Individual therapy involves working directly with your child on activities that are fun and that build the confidence and skills of your child.

Therapy sessions can be

  • School based
  • Home based
  • Clinic based