10 Tips for Promoting Positive Sleep for Your Child & Family

Establish Consistent Bedtime Routines Have consistent bedtime routines for your child. This includes setting a regular time to go to bed and wake up each morning for your child and keeping this time consistent on weekdays and weekends as this helps to set the sleep-wake cycle. Ensure your child is having developmentally appropriate amount of… Continue Reading»

Pencil and Paper Activities

Now that we will be inside for a week, it is time to pull up a chair, pour a hot chocolate or a cup of tea, and grab a pencil and paper to play these games that target a whole variety of skills! These activities vary in difficulty, and there is something here for all… Continue Reading»


Ever wondered how you can mentally and physically occupy your child for hours on end?KICKbricks are the answer! Playing with blocks is a common childhood experience and promotes integrated learning across a variety of different developmental areas (Phelps & Hanline, 1999). KICKbricks are a fantastic and incredibly versatile construction toy that can guarantee hours of… Continue Reading»

Emotional Regulation In Older Kids

Emotions! Everyone experiences them every single day. Emotional regulation is the ability to manage emotions and behaviour to match the demands of the situation. This includes the ability to calm yourself down when you are upset, resist impulses, adjust to changes and handle frustration in a socially appropriate way. These skills allow children to direct… Continue Reading»

My NooK Play Sofa

What is a NooK? A NooK is a modular sofa designed to be played with! The NooK can be used to foster the imagination of children while developing their gross motor skills, construction play skills and executive functioning skills. The NooK is made up of 10 individual pieces which can be moved and balanced to… Continue Reading»

Creative and fun ways to start and end a day of school!

School takes up quite a big portion of the day and plays such a big part in the lives of children and their families. Sometimes, it can be difficult to fit in other activities and to encourage interaction with our surroundings outside of technology before and after school, however, engaging with our environment and taking… Continue Reading»

Learning to Tie Your Shoelaces

Learning to tie your shoelaces is a significantly challenging task in life, however it is a self-care task that can bring a great sense of independence and achievement for your child. Tying shoelaces is a complex task that involves many different skills. Some of these include fine motor strength, finger isolation, bilateral coordination, attention, concentration,… Continue Reading»

Cutting Skills

Cutting skills are very important for a child’s fine motor skill development and often start at a young age. Cutting skills are quite complex and it takes time and practice for children to develop and master this skill. Using scissors correctly helps to: Build hand and finger strength Develop skills for fingers to work together… Continue Reading»