The Importance Of Teaching Our Children Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.”   Why is it important to incorporate Mindfulness into our day? Mindfulness improves attention, memory processing and decision making Mindfulness increases our self-awareness, social awareness and self-confidence … Read More

Organisation Skills For Children In Late Primary Or High School

Does this picture look familiar? I can imagine most parents will be nodding their head whilst reading this. Its 8.30am on a Monday morning, school begins at 9am. Your child has 20 minutes to get themselves organised before you all make your way to school. Its now 8.45am and your child still isn’t ready. You are wondering what they have … Read More

10 Fun Ways To Practice Handwriting At Home

Handwriting is a skill that will be carried with a child from the start of schooling right through to adulthood. However, motivating a child to practice their writing, to develop correct letter formation, size and spacing can be challenging. Here are ten easy ways to freshen up handwriting practice so children don’t feel like they are ‘writing lines’, as would … Read More

Importance of Play in Relation to Classroom Learning

Importance of Play in relation to classroom learning: Play is anything that we do for fun! This could be dress ups, turn taking games, pretend play, constructive play, social play, games with rules etc. Once we start having to work and it is no longer fun, it is no longer play. For children (including babies) play is academic, it is … Read More

Attention and Concentration

What is attention? Paying attention seems like such a simple process – we just do it! But there is much more to it than we think. Every day we use attention skills to assist us in selecting and focusing on tasks. We then use concentration skills to sustain our attention to that specific task. Using these skills allows us to … Read More

Zones of Regulation

What is the Zones of Regulation? Zones of regulations is a social thinking and social skills curriculum that helps children to achieve an optimal state of alertness for the activity that they are partaking in. The Zones concept helps children to categorise their emotions into four coloured categories (blue, green, yellow and red), this helps to open a channel of … Read More

Social Skills!

Navigating social situations throughout life is complicated for people of all ages and abilities. However, social skills are crucial to success in the classroom, home, workplace and community. Occupational Therapists at Building Blocks passionately work with children to develop their social skills to support appropriate interactions in a variety of settings and situations. Occupational Therapists most effectively support children to … Read More

Gross Motor Skills

Parents and teachers often say “practice makes perfect”. With fine motor skills and handwriting, it is not always the case when there is an underlying gross motor difficulty or delay. Many children work tirelessly to practice these tedious and precise fine motor skills. However they don’t have the base strength to maintain body posture or muscle endurance to complete these … Read More

Time For Sleep!

Throughout any stage of life, sleep is a fundamental biological process that enables our brains to rest, restore and repair for the next day ahead to ensure that we can wake up healthy, energised and ready to engage in what is in store for the next day. Throughout the night, as we go into our deep slumber, our energy is … Read More


8 Tips For Helping Your Child Prepare For And Get Settled Into Prep. Starting Prep can be a big, scary and emotional ride, for not only your child, but for you as a parent too! Here are some quick tips on how you can support your child in preparing for Prep and settling in to their new and exciting worlds. … Read More