10 – 15 year olds

This is a fun, craft group which focuses on social connections, collaboration, and peer support.

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Little Highway Heroes

4 – 6 year olds

This is a social and emotional group program, that teaches little children how to make and keep friends, develop empathy, and learn the skills to calm down. It also addresses tough stuff like teasing, silliness, and bossiness.

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4 – 5 year olds


Children going into prep 2024

This program is designed for children going into prep, and covers skills such as fine and gross motor, social, emotional regulation, and school routine preparation.

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Sensational Stars

8 – 11 year olds

This program aims to develop awareness of how sensory input can affect feelings and behaviour. Participants will learn their own sensory tolerance and learn to develop a range of sensory processing strategies to calm or alert their bodies.

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Thoughtful Thinkers

4 – 7 year olds


This program is designed to help children build self-awareness, perspective taking and social problem-solving skills.  

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