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Circle of Security

Parenting Workshops

Early Intervention Program of Parents & Children

Circle of Security Parenting seeks to strengthen attachment relationships between caregivers and children. While the program predominantly focuses on infants and younger children, the concepts are suitable for caregivers of children of all ages.


6 – 9 year olds

This is a fun, craft group which focuses on social connections, collaboration, and peer support.

Happy Hands & Fit Fingers

3 – 5 year olds

This program is designed to build children’s fine motor skills, in preparation for school and everyday activities.

Lego Legends

8 - 12 year olds

This is an evidenced based program that uses Lego to provide opportunities to work in a group environment whilst also promoting motor skill development.

Little Highway Heroes

4 – 6 year olds

This is a social and emotional group program, that teaches little children how to make and keep friends, develop empathy, and learn the skills to calm down. It also addresses tough stuff like teasing, silliness, and bossiness.

Play Dates with Play Mates

2 – 3 year olds


This group is designed for children with delayed communication and developmental delays, to play and connect with others in a group environment.

Sports Unlimited

10+ year olds

This is a team sports program which focuses on gross motor skills and sportsmanship skills.

Steering My Feelings 

7 – 9 year olds

This program aims to build independence with emotional regulation skills through concepts from the Zones of Regulation program.

Tuning In To Kids

Parenting Workshops

Parenting Program

The program aims to teach parents and carers skills in recognising, understanding and managing their own and their children’s emotions.

We Can Play

Under 2 year olds

This program is designed for parents who are concerned about their child’s developmental milestones (Parent/ Caregiver attendance required)

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