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DIY Indoor Activity Walk

Winter is fast approaching, but just because the rain and cold is keeping us inside, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep moving! Here is a list of components for creating an activity walk inside your own house! Feel free to chose as many or few as you like, based on how much space you have, and what materials you own. These activities develop skills including: Balance, coordination, midline crossing, proprioception, and other gross motor skills. For some extra engagement and activities, have your children colour in the pictures as you make the course!

Click here to download a copy of the templates.

Starting line:
Start with feet placed on the feet template
Print template 1 and cut (or have your children cut) out each letter and place (or stick) it on the ground. This will mark where to start your activity walk!

If you do not have access to a printer, simply draw and write a “START” and some feet to mark it.
You will need:
– Printer OR Textas
– Scissors
Lilypad Jump:
Jump with two feet onto each lily pad.  
– Set this activity up on carpet, with lily pads stuck down, or jump next to the lily pads to reduce the risk of them sliding out underneath on our jumps –
Print 4 copies of template 2 or draw some green lily pads.

Cut them out and place them a small jump apart from each other. This can move in a straight line or zig zag back and forth to conserve space
You will need:
– Printer OR Textas
– Scissors
Tightrope walk:
Balance across the tightrope! For an added challenge, place feet heel to toe  
Place a piece of string along the ground in a straight, or slightly curving line. You will need: String/yarn/rope etc.
Crab walk:
Sit down with feet on the floor, and knees pointing up. Use your hands to push and lift your bottom off the floor. Then move along in the direction of the walk
Print (template 3) or draw and cut out the crab and the arrow. Place them on the floor in the direction of the walk. You will need:
– Printer OR Textas
– Scissors
Spinning steps:
Step to each arrow, and then complete a spin in the direction the arrow is pointing
Print (template 4) or draw and cut out 6 spinning icons and place them in a windy line moving forwards along the curve. You will need:
– Printer OR Textas
– Scissors
Movement Challenge:
Complete the action on the sign!
Stick a sign of A4 paper to the wall (or pop it on the floor). Write a different challenge on each sign, for as many signs as you want/can think of. Some ideas are:
– 5 star jumps
– Jump on the spot
– Do a push up
– Push on the wall
– Do 2 squats
– Balance on one leg  
You will need:
– Textas
Finish line:
Finish and strike a winner pose! Hands up in the air, do a bow, give yourself a clap, whatever you like!  
Print (template 5) or draw the finish line and a star/trophy whatever you like to mark the finish! You will need:
– Printer OR Textas
– Scissors