My NooK Play Sofa

What is a NooK?

A NooK is a modular sofa designed to be played with! The NooK can be used to foster the imagination of children while developing their gross motor skills, construction play skills and executive functioning skills. The NooK is made up of 10 individual pieces which can be moved and balanced to make endless fun creations.

How can I use my Nook?

NooK’s are extremely versatile and can be used to make countless combinations. The NooK is beneficial to promote imaginative play, constructive play, executive functioning skills and gross motor skills. Moving the NooK is also great heavy work for children who need a little bit of extra support to regulate their bodies.

Imaginative Play
The NooK fosters imaginative play by enabling children to create their own worlds. Imaginative play is important for child development as it promotes confidence, self-esteem, communication, and the beginnings of social awareness.

Construction Play
The NooK helps kids think ‘outside of the box’ by using different shaped and sized cushions to create what they envision in their heads. Construction play helps develop executive functioning skills such as problem solving, planning, task initiation and decision making. It also promotes resilience and independence.

Prepared by Georgia Goodwin, Occupational Therapist