• Touch Processing
    • Withdraws from touch
    • Sensitive to the different fabrics
    • Touches everything constantly
    • Avoids being close to others (e.g. in lines)
    • Over-reacts when bumped
    • Shows no reaction when physically hurt

    Movement Processing 

    • Fearful of being off the ground
    • Constantly “on the go” and seeks out all kinds of movement such as twirling, spinning, running
    • Likes crashing, bashing, bumping, jumping and rough housing
    • Is clumsy, awkward and/or accident – prone
    • Does not like movement and prefers sedentary play

    Oral Motor Processing

    • Put everything in their mouth
    • Often licks, sucks or chews on non-food items such as pencil, hair and clothes
    • Fussy eater
    • Auditory Processing
    • Responds inappropriately to loud noises such as covering their ears or hiding

    Visual Processing

    • Dislikes or avoids bright lights


    • Heightened response to touch, movement and sound
    • Aggressive or impulsive behaviour when overwhelmed by sensory stimulation
    • Upset by transitions and unexpected changes
    • Resists grooming activities such as brushing teeth and haircuts
    • Has difficulty with personal organisation
    • Poor attention and emotional regulation.