Construction Pack 1


Age 4+

Construction Play offers children multiple education benefits. It’s a form of play that aids child growth and development. This construction pack comes with the following 3 games:

  1. Totem Zen: An exciting game of skill and cunning, players must be the first to recreate the image on their card by collecting beads from the pile before their opponents do. Sounds easy – but the there’s a catch! The players must use chopsticks to handle the beads and if the tower topples, back to the start they go. Be quick and nimble! But stay calm…
    2-4 players
  2. Tap Tap: Zoom into space! Create your own space ship to defend Earth or use the cards to Tap one up. Ideal for developing dexterity of young children.
  3. Skeletal Geo Kit: Construction set which will improve children’s fine motor skills, as well as develop their creative and problem solving skills. Build two and three dimensional structures.

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Additional Information

Constructions play helps develops the following skills:

  • Creativity: Everyone at some stage in their life is challenged to think creatively, more often than not, at unexpected moments. By helping a child to think creatively, it helps the brain to look beyond a one directional way of thinking. This is where ‘out of the box’ thinking comes into play. If children understand the importance of thinking different when undertaking a task, they will always use this skill in later life.
  • Problem solving: Through their constructive play, a child will learn what will work and what will not. Trial-and-error is a great method in which to create structures and modify methods. Overcoming problems to build structures in a particular way will always aid creative thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Fine motor skills: Fine motor skills describe your child’s ability to control their hands and fingers as they move, grip, and write. These skills improve when kids play with construction toys. Clicking pieces into place, manipulating blocks, and holding blocks and pieces of all sizes hones their fine motor skills and prepares them to dress themselves, throw a ball, and hold a pencil.
  • Cooperative play: Construction play helps children to cooperate with each other in order to complete tasks. This could be something as simple as passing each other bricks or passing buckets to each other. By doing this children will strengthen their social skills and become better team players.
  • Hand eye coordination: Children use hand-eye coordination whenever they build or construct. As they start building blocks, a child’s eyes send visual information to the brain to tell it where the hand is placed and if it is legible. With this information, the brain generates instructions for how the hand has to move in order to create appropriate shapes.

There’s so much more to construction play than meets the eye!