Mesh And Marble Fidgets


INCREASE FOCUS AND ATTENTION SPAN: This magical sensory fidget fits your hand and will help you or your child relax and stay focused. This sensory toy will take anxiety away and help the person enter into a calmer state of body and mind, promote active listening and soothe fidgeting, as this type of movement activity gets the brain working, while individuals still sit on their chairs.

EXPERTS GIVE THE GREEN LIGHT: Therapists, teachers and occupational therapists say that when someone lacks attention and focus because of absence of the movement they need, they cannot think clearly, listen or read attentively. This fidget is the ideal aid for children with Sensory Processing Disorders, ADHD, Autism, dyslexia or other learning challenges and the best way to help adults with increased stress levels.

A SMART TOY TO CARRY EVERYWHERE: Small and fully portable, fits in your pocket so that you can take it with you at school, work (your favorite, soothing office toy), while traveling, in waiting areas, wherever fidgeting may take place. The easiest way to keep your hands engaged in something that will soothe you and relieve your anxiety. These are also quiet so will not distract other people!

ENTICING AND COLOURFUL: These brightly coloured fidget toys are your own vibrant stress crusher. Guide the marble back and forth and clear your way towards calmness and undivided focus.

NO MORE NAIL BITING OR STRUGGLING WITH CLOTHES: Keeping your fingers busy with the fidget stress relief toy may at last, help you or your child stop unhealthy and annoying habits such as nail biting, cuticle picking or clothes pulling.

Sold individually!

Skills used: Attention and concentration, Self-regulation, Sensory regulation, Tactile input,
Suitable for: ADHD, ASD, Sensory processing disorder,
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