Unicorn Sensory Box


A Sensory Box is a tool specially designed to stimulate some or all the senses while the child plays and has fun. Typically they are used for sensory breaks, play, learning, relaxation, stimulation, exploration, and meditation. Contains the following:

  • Unicorn Rainbow Cloud
  • Squeezy Unicorn and Rainbow
  • WristiPals Unicorn
  • Gooballz Glitter
  • Squidgy Unicorn
  • Alphabet glitter ball

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Skills used: Active Listening, Calming/soothing, finger and hand strength, Focus and Concentration, Managing Stress, Self-regulation, Tactile input, Visual sensory stimulation,

Additional Information

Our Unicorn Sensory Box contains the following:

  • Unicorn Rainbow Cloud – Trendy unicorn and rainbow cloud – super stretchy and perfect for children to squish in their hands!
  • Squeezy Unicorn and Rainbow – Colourful rainbow that hides a magical surprise inside. Squeeze it and a liquid-filled bubble will emerge from the top, complete with a small unicorn figure swimming inside
  • WristiPals Unicorn – Wrap us around your wrist for a companion everywhere you go!
  • Gooballz Glitter – GOOBALLZ are NEW gooey mesh balls with collectable keyrings and carabiners! The soft squishy mesh ball is great for relieving stress, simply squeeze the ball and watch as the rubbery pustules appear and grow through the net!
  • Squidgy Unicorn – Stretch and squish this fantasy unicorn just for fun or to relieve stress.
  • Alphabet glitter ball – A squishy stress ball, filled with glitter and the letters of the alphabet!

Note: Orders placed after the 10th December will be sent out end of January.