Craft Box


Suitable for ages 4+

Engaging in craft experiences benefits all aspects of children’s development. Listed below are some of the benefits your child might have when engaging in play with these activities.

  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Improves eye hand coordination
  • Enables children to assert individuality
  • Assists children to express feelings
  • Develops an understanding of cause and effect
  • Promotes innovation and creativity
  • Helps develop planning skills
  • Enhances Decision making skills
  • Teaches flexibility

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Suitable for: Developmental delay, Gross Motor Difficulties,
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Additional Information

Craft is a great tool to use to promote children’s learning. The benefits of art and craft extend to all spheres of the life and make the kids better equipped to face the challenges life throws at them.

This pack includes

  • Rainbow Cord and Picture Pattern Maker
    Use colorful cords to trace pictures (or create your own) on a self-stick surface again and again! Thread a six-inch or 12-inch cord into the easy-grasp drawing tool, slide a picture under the window with a hook-and-loop surface, and trace to draw! Cords cling to the surface and all materials store in the take-along case, making it a take-anywhere mess-free activity! The set includes 39 colored cords, cord drawing tool, six double-sided pictures to trace, and a take-along storage case.
  • Quercetti – String Art Play Creativo
    Drawing with thread and pegs. Pegs and embroidery thread for a new series of creative games. Easy and fun, you stretch the thread, with the help of the straw between one peg and the other and, magically create endless coloured patterns.
    You will become a String Art artist with Quercetti pegs and the colourful threads.
    All you need to do is lay the illustrated sheet on the perforated board, insert the pegs in the right place and tend the coloured threads from a peg to the other with the help of a straw. It is as easy as drawing with a marker, and the threads form a thick twine which reveals amazing and colourful drawings.